Living in Jaco Beach

You tend to get up early in Jaco, often you hear people say they used to sleep in but here they get with the sun, I think it’s the just the energy of the place. The horseshoe shaped bay seems to enhance and project the sound of the ocean so no matter where you live in Jaco Beach you can always hear the rhythmic sounds of the ocean surf.

Beach combing is a popular pastime with expats here in Jaco Beach as so many take their morning walks along beach, which seems to energize you for the hot and humid day ahead.

Jaco Beach is the most modern of the Pacific coastal beach towns and certainly the most developed, and in terms of coastal living, Jaco beach is the most important expat havens. Jaco beach is a place where both the new ways of the modern world meets the old ways and both aspects are obvious to those that live here.

As an expat living on Jaco beach, you can immerse yourself in a modern beach lifestyle or living just outside of town you can have that relaxed rural, secluded lifestyle Costa Rica is also famous for.

If you live anywhere in Costa Rica you’ll know that Jaco is known as a party town. Its casinos and night clubs are legendary! Jaco, being the closest beach to San Jose draws a large numbers of people looking for the famous Jaco Beach party experience, which can be found most nights of the week and especially on the weekends.

Unlike many other areas where there are established expat communities in Costa Rica, only a few words of Spanish are required to get along living in Jaco Beach, it is a very English oriented beach town. This is because of the fully developed tourist industry.

Jaco Beach tends to be a little more expensive than the small towns and villages close by, but it has so much to offer; you can live comfortably in Jaco beach for about $2,500 a month.

In the more rural areas around Jaco beach you can live on $1,600 a month, including rent and many single expats live on less.
You will find healthcare in Jaco is high quality and a fraction of costa in the U.S. To give you some examples, an electrocardiogram in the USA costs between $400 and $2,275 USD depending on the hospital you attend for the test, and here in Costa Rica you can have the electrocardiogram and stress test, and doctors consulting fees for $120 USD. You will also find the dental clinics in Jaco beach provide excellent services at fraction of the cost than the USA.

If you are a foodie you will enjoy Jaco Beach. The cuisine choices here include local typical food, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese restaurants, Argentine steak house, and much more.

Jaco Beach definitely has its own special flavor. It’s a place fun and excitement for vacationers, it’s a place to relax and slow down if you are a retiree, and it’s a place to party if you like that Latin American beach town sizzling lifestyle.

Pura Vida,
Terrence Johnson