Jaco Beach Real Estate Tours

If you are ready to live, work or play in a tropical paradise and are visiting Costa Rica on vacation, consider taking a real estate tour to gain firsthand knowledge of the real estate market in Costa Rica as well as other important information on living in Pura Vida land. Jaco Beach real estate tours are a great way to get to know Costa Rica’s biggest tourism and expat destination.

There is a growing trend in real estate for agents and agencies to offer paid real estate tours. In the past a potential buyer finds an agent and the agent can spend anywhere from 1 to 3 day driving this potential client around looking at various properties. Many agents still do this, even though they know this client is just ‘window shopping’ and essentially getting a private tour of the area and available real estate. Now it is becoming more popular among agents to either offer first time ‘lookers’ a general real estate tour, and like all tours in Costa Rica there is a charge for these, and this makes sense.

Agents are now beginning to charge from $50 to $100 a day for ‘private’ tours and less for group tours. Real estate tours, private or group, are a great way to get firsthand knowledge of the market, property types, and the advantages and pitfalls of purchasing real estate in a particular area.

These tours are not just disseminating real estate information but other important information on topics such as the residency processes and Costa Rica health care system. Some of these tours are strictly local events such as Jaco Beach Real Estate Tours, that may focus on Jaco Beach, Los Suenos and as far south as Esterillos. Other tours cover more territory, visiting Central valley, Guanacaste, and Central pacific locations. There extended torus can take several days, and require group travel in a micro or coaster bus, but are a great way to see the various retirement regions of Costa Rica.

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