Jaco Beach Costa Rica Guide

Jaco Beach is famous for so many reasons, but as the closest beach to San Jose, Jaco is always a bustling, fun and exciting beach town. Jaco Beach is also known for its party-like atmosphere along with a Pura Vida laid-back attitude. In one hour and 15 minutes, adventure travelers can make their way from the nation’s capital of San Jose to Playa Jacó where travelers are welcomed to a smorgasbord of activates and adventures. Jaco Beach is really famous for its sizzling nightlife, international dining opportunities and all the ocean lifestyle you want. One of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica, Jaco Beach has the most developed service industry in the country with a wide range of lodging from affordable hotels and cabinas to luxurious resorts and stunning vacation rentals.

“If you want adventure, welcome to Jaco Beach Costa Rica: it is Famous for its vast selection of adventure and eco activities”

Jaco is hugely popular because it offers the beat of Costa Rica beach lifestyle. From the electric nightlife to exciting eco tours, Jaco Beach has something for everyone. Explore the jungle covered mountains behind Jaco Beach with ATV tours, dune buggies, hiking or on horseback. Relax and explore the Pacific Ocean on fishing boats, catamarans, or kayaking. How about white-water rafting, safaris, and don’t forget surfing on Jaco Beach.

By far catching a wave is one of the most popular ocean activities. If the large surf is too intimidating then not to worry there are a number of surf schools right on the beach that will have you flying on top of the surf in no time. Also, just a few kilometers south of Jaco Beach is Playa Hermosa famous for drawing international surfing competitors from around the world as well as the is the site of the International Quicksilver Championships.

Jaco Beach

Although Playa Jacó is well trafficked with tourists it is a very clean beach. Jaco Beach is 2.5 miles (4 km) long in a horseshoe shape this beach is very but travelers are warned the frequent rip tide, and that swimming should be done with caution.

Playa Herradura is just about seven kilometers north of Jaco Beach and is smaller beach and more tranquil environment. Playa Hermosa sits just five minutes south of Jaco, a famous surfing location, which every year.

Along this stretch of the Central Pacific coast from a half hour north to half hour south to Manuel Antonio you will find discover dozens of beaches.

Jaco Beach Nightlife

Jaco Beach’s known as a party beach town and has become famous for its sizzling nightlife. In general Jaco Beach is very traveler friendly, with plenty of international cuisine, lots of internet cafes and banks as well as plethora of ocean activities; so whether you are a traveling family, a couple or single there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Jaco Beach Casinos

There are a number of Casinos in and around Jaco Beach. Here are a some where you can enjoy the fun and excitement in the casinos: Hotel Cocal and Casino, Morgan’s Cove Resort & Casino, Croc’s Casino Resort, Los Sueños Resort Casino, Hotel Amapola
Jaco Beach Restaurants

If you are a foodie then you are going love Jaco Beach! In Jaco Beach and the Central Pacific in general there are many different and excellent restaurants to choose from. Cuisines include Argentinian, Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese, Vegetarian and of course Costa Rican. Considered the fishing capital of Central America, the central Pacific region of Costa Rica boasts some the best sea food on the planet!


Jaco Beach has a strong and active expat population; couple that with very large numbers of international travelers, you can rest assured that there is a remarkable industry here. From local dishes called ‘comida typica’, to an exquisite selection of seafood options, to good’ol favorites like American style burgers and fries, Jaco Beach offers a cornucopia choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Jaco Beach Soda

For an authentic Costa Rican plate then you will have to visit a local soda in Jaco. A Soda is a local no frills restaurants where typical dishes are served. This typical dishes cost costs about $4 to $6 and generally includes a selection of meat such as chicken, beef, pork or fish in a variety of preparations like pan fires, deep fired or roasted. Plates also include rice and bean (a staple in Costa Rica) a salad, vegetables, fried plantains and often include a tropical fruit beverage. For breakfast you generally see the local favorite Gallo Pinto which is a mix of rice & beans, eggs, toast, and usually fruit. The most famous soda in Jaco would have to be the ‘Rustico’ which is known for its great food, cafeteria style large plates and low prices

Jaco Beach Tours & Activities

Eco tours, crocodile tours, zip tours that let you fly through the canopy from platform to platform, to landing a big Blue Marlin on the high seas, Jaco is The Adventure Tour capital of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is world renowned as the most ‘bio intense places on earth’, according to National Geographic and as the leading eco and adventure tour capital of Latin America and Jaco Beach is Costa Rica’s most developed adventure travel destination.
Jaco’s central location also makes it a perfect base to explore the rest of the Central Pacific’s adventure tour opportunities.

Surfing Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach is a great place to surf if you are an expert or beginner – it’s a great place to catch or learn how to catch a wave. You can find a number of excellent surf schools located right at the beach, as well for the serious newbie (or hard core) that would like accommodations right at the surf school.

From Jaco Beach you can also take extended beach tours, hitting beaches all the way to the Southern Zone where you can surf Pavones Costa Rica as well as some incredible OSA Peninsula beaches.

Jaco also has a ton of surf shops and surfer-friendly, bars, hotels, and activities; Jaco Beach really is the country best surfing destination.

Sports Fishing

Jaco Beach sports fishing tours is a great day out on the Central Pacific whether you are a seasoned pro or a family looking for an open seas fishing adventure.
Costa Rica’s Central Pacific is considered the best fishery in Central America and one of the best opn the planet. The deep water upwelling of the continental shelf bring with it vast numbers of feed fish as with that comes the big game fish the coast is famous for.

Los Suenos Marina

Los Suenos Marina is internationally recognized as the Fishing Capital of Costa Rica and is the home of the famous “Los Suenos Signature Billfishing Tournament. More trophy fish caught are caught our Los Suenos than any other destination in Central America. If you choose to fish off-shore fishing for monster Billfish such as Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and Sailfish or near-shore for big Rooster Fish, Snapper and Grouper, your best chances of hooking up is out of Los Sueños Resort and Marina, home to the famous Los Suenos Signature Billfishing Tournament. Los Suenos is just five minutes north of Jaco Beach.
Manuel Antonio Sportfishing

Manuel Antonio sportfish is Costa Rica next most popular fishing marina. Over 40 world records have been registered along the central coast of Costa Rica, including Sailfish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Striped Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Snapper, Spanish and Sierra Mackerel, Roosterfish and more. Manuel Antonio is only 30 minutes south of Jaco Beach.


Zip or Canopy tours in Costa Rica are ranked as some of the best and safest in the world and Jaco Beach zip tours offer a number of high flying options. You will see incredible coastal views as you zip through the canopy from platform to platform; you will be eye level with all the canopy wildlife such as toucans, scarlet macaws and monkeys, and much, much more.
The zip tour is one of the most popular adventure activates in Costa Rica and it’s safe, fun and exciting for the whole family.


The La Iguana Costa Rica Golf Course at Los Suenos, was designed by Ted Robinson and is a spectacular 6,696-yard, 18-hole, par-72, championship golf course. This tropical, ocean-view course is a great way to take advantage of perfect weather and great scenery.

If your dream vacation is finding world-class links on beautifully kept fairways, on a tropical ocean front resort then welcome to the La Iguana Costa Rica Golf Course at Los Suenos.

Los Suenos is only 5 minutes north of Jaco Beach.

Jaco Beach ATV Tours

If you are an adrenaline adventure junkie touring Jaco Beach and the surrounding mountain trails is a fantastic way to explore this stretch of coast. ATV’s tours of the surrounding hills, mountains, and beaches of Jaco are an incredible experience for the individuals, couples, or the whole family.

Kayak and Paddle Boarding

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding offers you a unique experience and a view amazing beauty and nature of the coast. Go for some high seas adrenaline on the ocean, or enjoy a more leisure pace paddling up river, either way it’s truly unique experience at Jaco Beach.

Crocodile Tour

The Tárcoles River has more crocodiles per kilometer than any other river in the western hemisphere. The giant crocodiles of Costa Rica inhabit shallow rivers on the coast. These monsters measure up to 18 feet, but are safely observed and photographed from tour boats. The Tárcoles River is about 15 minutes north of Jaco Beach.

Carara National Park

Carara National Park is known as one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful national parks and only 15 minutes north from Jaco Beach. The park is sits on the transition zones between the southern and central ecosystems each distinct biological zone, the Pacific dry north converging with the humid south coast climatic zone. This makes Carara National Park an amazing place to explore with its diversity of flora and fauna. There are several ecosystems to explore such as marshlands, lagoons, and tropical rain forests. Each with its own distinct eco-structure, but you can be assured that there will be plenty of wildlife on display, such as: the spectacular Scarlet Macaw, three types of monkeys including the famous Grey Crowned Central American Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) known as the Mono Titi in Spanish, which is the smallest primate in Costa Rica, and expect to see crocodiles, armadillos, peccaries, toucans, abundant waterfowls, opossums, sloths, boa constrictoirs, kinkajou, pumsa, margay cats, jaguars, white tail deer and amazing ozelots.

Manuel Antonio

Only 30 minutes south of Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park offers some of the best rated pristine beaches in Central America. The park itself is a 4000 acre bio-reserve. There are plenty of beach shops, hotels, bars, and restaurants.
Just seven kilometers from Manuela Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular fishing locations, Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, featuring all the amenities and services a sport fishing enthusiast would want. and expect to find at a five-star marina resort, unquestionably one of the finest and only full service marina you will find in all of Central America. Even if you are not fishing, but want an afternoon relaxing, shopping, enjoying the restaurants and bars, the marina complex is a great way to enjoy Costa Rica.

For a day sportfishing on the high seas or visiting the Manuel Antonio National Park, at only 30 minutes from Jaco Beach, it’s a great day trip.

Life and Living in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach has the most developed tourist and retirement service industry in all of Central America. Jaco Beach and the surround area offer a number of interesting lifestyle choices. Maybe it’s a beach condo lifestyle you are looking for, or a near-beach gated community, or a Titled Beachfront Bungalow, but wherever your tropical taste Jaco has a market for it.

If you are looking for luxury living such as Spas, Resorts, Country Clubs, Jaco Beach is a great place for upscale tropical lifestyles.

For the ose looking to own a piece of paradise take a look at our Jaco Beach Real Estate page for more information.

Long Term Rentals in Jaco Beach

You can find plenty of condos for rent from $600 that come with all the basic furniture. These condos units are generally found in gated communities that feature pools, and rancho community areas and generally are walking distance to the beach.

Beachfront Condos in Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach has a number of beachfront condo buildings. These building complexes come with all the luxury lifestyle amenities you would expect, including retail centers, spas, pools, restaurants, night clubs, and much more.

Shopping in Jaco

You can’t leave Jaco Beach without doing at least a little bit of shopping. Whether its picking up some souvenirs for friends and family back home, some trendy beach clothes, or some local arts and crafts, Jaco Beach has a number of unique boutiques and stores that you’ll definitely want to check out. Here are some of our favorite Jaco shops to check out.

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