Costa Rica Retirement Communities on the Central Pacific

Most people seeking a Costa Rica retirement settle somewhere on the Pacific coast or in the Central Valley or the more rural areas surrounding the Valley; these are two lifestyles and the main weather conditions in Costa Rica. The Valley is perpetual spring-like weather with an urban or mountain rural lifestyles, and the coast is a lifestyle of beachcombing, Sun, ocean and hot, humid weather.

Of the main Costa Rica retirement areas that attract retiring expats, the Central Pacific has become the most popular because of its spectacular beaches, fun-in-the-sun lifestyle, warm tropical weather and accessibility to the Central Valley.

While the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica has dozens of small towns and hidden beach communities, below we discuss the most popular Costa Rica retirement communities.

Jaco Beach

Located in the heart of the Central Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica, Jaco (pronounced: ha-ko) has long been a favorite of expats and vacationers alike.

This bustling beach town of Jaco features a number large resorts with many options for longer-term residents, such as beach condos, gated communities, and homes. Jaco Beach has a wide range of housing options in all the price ranges, and every amenity and comfort of home, making retirement in Jaco Costa Rica a great lifestyle choice.
Los Sueños
Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica is a perfect place to retire, just minutes north of Jaco Beach. The biggest decision you’ll have to make living at the Los Sueños Resort is whether to go to the marina, the beach or hit the professional 18-hole championship golf course. Costa Rica Retirement on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is only 5 minutes south of Jaco beach, but has it has own distinct, small village, secluded beach town feel. There are number of option for the Costa Rica retiree including Hermosa Beach Bungalows, a beach front community where you can still find fully titled beach front property.

Playa Bejuco & Esterillos Costa Rica

Playa Bejuco and Esterillos is about 15 minutes south of Jaco Beach right off the Central Pacific costal highway, in Costa Rica. Esterillos and Playa Bejuco are a two of the most popular beach vacation and surf destinations in Costa Rica. The area also hosts many other activities such as horseback riding, fishing, ocean kayaking and scuba diving. Esterillos and Playa Bejuco also boast a large expat population attacked by the beautiful beaches and great selection of gated communities and property types. If you are looking to for a place to retire in Costa Rica, Esterillos and Playa Bejuco are fantastic options.

Parrita and Playa Seco

The little town of Parrita is on the way to the famous Manuel Antonio while sitting in the middle of an palm oil platation. Parrita and its surrounding areas are an excellent place to visit for any traveler looking to partake in ecotourism. The area has started to see an increase in expats attracted to the areas rich tropical landscape and as great beaches like Playa Seco. Parrita delivers a slow, quiet tropical lifestyle and is only about 20 minutes from Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Parrita and Playa Seco are great Costa Rica retirement destinations.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica has become one of the most visited areas in all Costa Rica. Tourists and expats from the world over enjoy the vast array of recreational activities and the world class beaches that can be found in Manuel Antonio. Just two hours from the capital San Jose on a well-maintained modern highway it is very accessible. The spectacular natural beauty of this region has attracted a large expat community. In Manual Antonio you find some of Costa Rica’s most expensive and luxurious real estate but there are still plenty of homes and condos available for around $150,000 USD, making living in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica very affordable.

In summary, as mentioned previously there are many more villages and towns on the Central Pacific and well as over 40 beaches. If you are dreaming of a Costa Rica retirement then the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica must be on you ‘explore’ list.