Looking at the demographics and trends of the baby boomer population, Costa Rica can expect to see a continued exodus of North Americas, looking to secure their piece of a tropical dream for their Golden Years, till well past 2020.

Costa Rica has built a sexy brand as well as a great retirement brand that has drawn many foreigners here looking for an affordable and lifestyle. Jaco beach Costa Rica, many will say is expensive now, but we have to keep that in perspective. Yes it is more expensive than 10 years ago, significantly, but…

Average Jaco Beach real estate sales hover around the $200,000 USD mark. Compare that to average home values in Canada where average prices have been over the $400,000 mark for years. In terms of rent the numbers are even better – in Jaco beach long term rentals are going for between $600 for smaller condos up to $1,500 USD, are a good average mark, and in North America the average three bedroom house rental is $1,200 USD/CDN. Food is still about 30% to 40% cheaper in Costa Rica than the USA and Canada, so all things considered Jaco Beach is an affordable destination for baby boomers escaping ever inflating debt, ballooning taxes and the stress of wondering if you are going to outlive your nest egg.

The central Pacific region is the #1 destination for North American baby boomers looking to retire in Costa Rica. Foreigners are attracted to the cascading coastlines, world class beaches, great infrastructure and first class service industry. Jaco Beach Costa Rica is the primary business, tourist and retirement center for the central Pacific, with fast and easy access to San Jose and the airport, and sporting a vast array of gated communities and residential resorts to choose from.

Jaco Beach also has a great selection of beach front condominiums to choose from. These condo buildings and building complexes offer a luxurious lifestyle with, restaurants, bars, discos, shopping, casinos, pools and spas and of course spectacular ocean and Bay views. For retiring baby boomer looking for a turn-key luxury lifestyle, these Jaco Beach front condos are a great choice.

If you are a retiring baby boomer and hunting for that perfect retirement spot, drop us a line at JacoBeach.cr, or come see us at our downtown Jaco Beach office (info below), we’d be happy to help you out.

Pura Vida!!